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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Alcohol and the Law


Public Safety

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Minors (anyone under the age of 19)

You may not sell or give liquor to minors and you must check your liquor licence as to whether minors are allowed to be on premises where liquor is sold. Minors may be allowed at catered events (will be noted on the catering authorization).

If a licensee permits minors in a liquor primary (either with or without a parent or guardian), minors may be employed in the establishment during the hours minors are permitted as patrons; however, they may not be employed to sell or serve liquor. Minors can also be employed as entertainers.

Minors employed in food-primary establishments, or liquor-primary stadiums who are 16 or older may serve liquor but may not open bottles, pour or mix liquor. You must have adult staff supervising minors serving liquor. Minors may work at an event but may not serve liquor (may not have liquor in their possession).

Two pieces of ID are required in BC for anyone who appears to be a minor.