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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Alcohol and the Law


Now that you have read through the material for this section, test your knowledge with the following activities. If you have difficulty, go back to the relevant page(s) to review the information presented.

Duty of Care Test Cases

Rate whether the following situations were handled effectively or not by the staff involved. Also, indicate which steps were effective in meeting the licensee's duty of care.

Select a case study for review. Click "reveal answer" to compare your answer to the correct response.

Your answer

Questions to ask at work

  • Do we have a copy of the relevant Terms and Conditions Handbook that we can refer to?
  • Have we discussed the duty of care concept for our establishment and what we may need to watch for to ensure our customers are safe?
  • How do we monitor the alcohol consumption and condition of patrons to avoid over-consumption?