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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Implementing Responsible Beverage Service


Help Your Co-workers

1. Help your co-workers in an RBS program

To implement an RBS program successfully, you need to work together as a team where everyone understands their role and responsibilities. It is important for team members to trust, cooperate with and respect each other. It is equally critical to share information clearly and openly. Team members should support each other by listening, being informed, asking questions, watching, sharing information and providing help when needed.

Use the following strategies to support your co-workers in an RBS program:

Practice door control
The purpose of door control is to prevent entry by minors and intoxicated patrons. Having a staff member at the door or otherwise monitoring guests that are arriving also prevents overcrowding. A visible control and entry point can be used effectively to send a message: "This establishment cares who its patrons are and what they do." An establishment will be easier to control with the fewest possible points of entry. Limit access to one door, if practical. Assign dedicated door staff to control the entry and exit of guests. If multiple entry points are provided, all points must have equal degrees of security and vigilance.

Be aware of any major public events that may be happening in your area. Be attentive to outdoor areas nearby where people may be consuming cannabis and nearby cannabis stores. Watch for patrons arriving at your establishment already impaired by cannabis. Have adequate staff on hand to accommodate any unusual or excessive business volume. Consider public safety issues when practicing door control. It will help to have a policy requiring identification from anyone who appears to be less than 19 years of age. Post a notice at the door to this effect and strictly enforce it.

Greet and assess customers
An initial greeting and assessment is important. Talk to your guests and assess them as they enter the establishment. What factors (like their gender, weight, or age) might affect their impairment level? Try to determine ahead of time approximately how many drinks to serve to individual customers before discontinuing service. While building a rapport with your customers you may also be able to determine other factors, such as:

  • Are they driving?
  • Were they drinking prior or consuming cannabis to arriving in your establishment?
  • Are they celebrating an event?
  • What type of mood are they in?
  • Do they have an alternative transportation plan?

Always be polite and friendly yet firm with guests. If a guest is showing signs of intoxication, you should refuse entry to the establishment. If it is not possible to determine the level of impairment of the patrons upon entry to the establishment, alert your co-workers to watch for and act immediately on the earliest sign of trouble.