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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Implementing Responsible Beverage Service


Underage Customer or Minors

Of all problem patrons, minors are the most likely to try to use fake ID, and when possible they will take evasive action to avoid being scrutinized. Minors will often leave the table when a server approaches, letting others place a drink order for them. Therefore, ask to see everyone's ID before serving the party. Minors may have difficulty maintaining eye contact during ordering. They may be unsure and order what everyone else in the group is having. Focus on your guests and try to read their body language. Do they look indecisive and appear like they have something to hide?

Typically, there are three ways in which a minor may try to mislead:

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Falsely using valid ID, hoping the resemblance is plausible
Using completely manufactured or counterfeit ID
Using authentic ID that has been manipulated or altered to misstate the holder's name, date of birth, photo or other information.

In British Columbia two pieces of ID must always be provided when asked. Be sure to check the secondary ID just as thoroughly as you would check a primary ID. If the person cannot produce two pieces of acceptable identification that proves they are 19 or older, you must refuse service.