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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Implementing Responsible Beverage Service


Record Incidents and Share Information

3. Record incidents and share information

Management and staff need to discuss and practice ways to refuse entry to anyone who is a minor, intoxicated or potentially troublesome. In addition, management and staff must record incidents to preserve evidence and to share the information with others. An incident can include fights or other disturbances and accidents, that adversely affect:

  • patrons or staff
  • people who live or work in buildings adjacent to the establishment or event site, or
  • the operation of the establishment or event site

An incident can include refusal of entry at the door or refusal of service at the table because customers were minors or intoxicated. It can also include any other illegal or questionable acts by problem customers. You will learn more about how to prevent and resolve difficulties using specific intervention strategies later in the section.

When an incident occurs at an establishment, it is crucial that the evidence relating to that incident is preserved.

There are three steps to record incidents and share information: