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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Implementing Responsible Beverage Service


Establish a System of Recording Incidents

When an incident occurs, it is important to make a record of both the employees' recollections of the events as well as an account of the incident from any witnesses. The police may ask the establishment to provide an official statement about the incident. Therefore, the policies and procedures of an establishment should state that employees who are working at the time of an incident are required to complete statements about the circumstances of the incident when requested. The manager on duty should also seek contact information from any other witnesses to the incident and if possible obtain statements from them about the incident. These statements should be as detailed as possible.

Staff should be trained to directly report any incident to their manager. If the police request an official statement, the establishment should contact their insurer immediately. Management should also notify its insurer if the incident may lead to legal action against the establishment.

In most instances, a person's right to sue for an incident in an establishment ends after two years. However, there are circumstances in which a legal proceeding may be commenced against an establishment several years after the incident. For example, in the case of a minor, the two-year period does not begin until he or she reaches the age of majority. In other situations, the time limitation period may be extended because an injured party does not have enough information to determine who the defendants should be.

While a lawsuit may commence at a later time, the memories of those who witnessed the incident will fade over time, so their evidence should be gathered and recorded as quickly as possible. With this in mind, all incident records should be preserved for at least six years.