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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Implementing Responsible Beverage Service


Use a Dedicated Logbook

Staff should use a dedicated logbook to record incidents when they have had to refuse service because customers were minors or intoxicated. This logbook can list the names and/or images of people refused or ejected in the past for causing any disturbances. This logbook can then be signed by the manager and shows that an establishment is abiding by the laws.

Logbooks should be bound books, not loose-leaf binders, because in court a bound book will have more credibility than a binder that could be easily altered. If the book contains page numbers printed in sequence, even better. By having a tamper-proof, bound book it will be difficult to remove reports, while evidence of tampering is often apparent and provable.

Recording events in a logbook while they are still fresh in everyone's mind is crucial. This ongoing record of problem patrons will help to identify persistent issues and encourage management to review policies from time to time. An accurate and complete log, together with sales slips, may form the backbone of a defence in civil litigation and in enforcement hearings before the liquor authority. Consider posting the images of people refused or ejected near the door (in a private and discreet place) or in a staff area for their reference. It helps to build a picture of any problem patterns.

go2HR and the industry have developed some tools and resources to help you implement a RBS program and reinforce the concept to your staff and patrons. A printable Logbook can be downloaded by visiting: