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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Implementing Responsible Beverage Service


Capture a Detailed Account of the Incidents

As soon as an incident has been taken care of, it is important for the manager or licensee to check that the key details are captured and that all sales records associated with the incident are preserved. Details should include the time, place, date and nature of the incident, a description of the parties involved, the action taken, the names of witnesses and any other pertinent information.

Managers should use the entries as a learning tool and debrief staff after all incidents. This gives managers an opportunity to improve procedures and house policies, and to praise or correct staff performance.

Check the Resources section for a sample of the information that should be included in an incident report.

Helping your co-workers become effective in implementing the RBS program is largely a matter of communication. Staff must communicate with each other, informing co-workers about any difficulties that they have experienced and with whom. Staff should also have a clear understanding of their rights, responsibilities and the house policy, in the event that they encounter people who must be denied entry, staff should be familiar with the various approved methods to handle these situations most effectively.

Maintain close liaison with local law enforcement agencies to keep abreast of any criminal activities in your area. Join your local Neighbourhood Watch or Bar Watch program to engage the community and help create a safe environment in which to operate your business.