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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Implementing Responsible Beverage Service


Seek Assistance and Discontinue Service

2. Seek assistance and discontinue service

Even after the most responsible beverage service, you may be faced with a customer who shows visible signs of intoxication. When this happens, you must discontinue service.

Refusing and discontinuing service is a challenging situation especially when it involves new staff and regular customers. Clear written house policies and a planned procedure help in managing such situations.

Here is a systematic procedure for dealing with difficult situations.

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1. Assess the situation

2. Identify a backup co-worker

3. Create a plan to speak to the guest

4. Execute the plan quickly, firmly and fairly

5. Choose your words carefully

6. Remove alcohol

7. Defuse negative confrontations

8. Listen and empathize

9. Be prepared to help the guest if necessary

10. Stay in the room

It is important to handle intoxicated customers in a safe and professional manner. Always remain calm and courteous and if possible, speak to the customer in private and away from friends or other guests at the table. Share regret about not being able to serve any more alcohol and express your concern for the customer's safety.