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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Implementing Responsible Beverage Service


Case Study

Practice Dialogue

Refusing Service — Intoxicated patron

Server: Good evening sir, how are you?
Customer: Great! (misses chair when sitting down) I'll have a double rye and coke.
Server: I'm sorry, I won't be able to serve you any alcohol tonight.
Customer: Why not? Listen, just get me one more drink, pleeease, and I'll call it a night.

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate response.


Possible answer:

Case study - refusing service

Part 1

At approximately 11:30 p.m., two women in their min-50s, Tina S_____ and Alice T_____, are seated in a fine-dining establishment. It is a cloudy, cool evening. They are visibly intoxicated, speaking loudly and laughing. The busboy, Jim, who has just been at their table, informs the server that the women are intoxicated.

The server, Jennifer, is explaining it to the maitre d', Robert and saying, "Now they've asked for another bottle."

Robert answers, "Well, if things are as Jim says, you know what to do. I'll be along in a moment.

Jennifer walks to the women's table and says, "How is everything here, ladies?"

One woman replies, "We just want to get another bottle of this yummy cabernet."

Jennifer gently removes the empty bottle and says, "I'm very sorry, ma'am, but we won't be able to serve you any more alcohol tonight. It's against our company policy."

Tina replies, "Did I just hear what I thought I heard - that you are cutting us off? Do you have any idea of how much money we've spent this evening? You don't want to blow your tip on this."

Jennifer takes a deep breath and says, "We're very glad that you joined us tonight and that you are having a good time, but it's much more important that you get home safely."

Tina then says, "We're fine, just bring us some wine."

Jennifer replies, "If you were to get in an accident, we would be held responsible."

The patron becomes angry and exclaims, "Bring us the wine or bring me the manager. Hey, it's up to you, OK!"

Robert is watching and listening to this interaction.

Discussion question

How should the maitre d', Robert, handle this situation?

Part 2

Robert comes to the table. "Good evening ladies," he says.

Tina interrupts, "Well, I can't believe your server has told us we can't have any more wine."

Robert replies, "That's right, I'm afraid that we cannot serve you any more. We just want you to get home safely, and we would be happy to call you a taxi on the house to make sure you get home safely."

Alice says to her friend, "Aw... come on Tina. Let's take the taxi to my place. I have some cabernet we could drink. No one can cut us off there."

Robert calls Acme Cabs for the ladies and walks them out to the taxi.

Discussion question

How was teamwork effective in this intervention?

How would you fill out an incident report for this situation? Compare to the incident report in the Appendix G.