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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Implementing Responsible Beverage Service


Now that you have read through the material for this section, test your knowledge with the following activities. If you have difficulty, go back to the relevant page(s) to review the information presented.

Case Studies

Select a case study for review. Click "possible answer" to compare your answer to the correct response.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the steps Brian took to verify the ID? How did teamwork help in discovering the fake ID?

Questions to ask at work

  • Are all staff trained and regularly updated on the house policy?
  • What situations result in most of our problems with intoxicated patrons?
  • Who is responsible for door control and checking for ID at our establishment?
  • Are we aware of our house policy regarding steps for discontinuing service to an intoxicated guest?
  • Have we practised effective dialogues for discontinuing service?
  • Do we know where the incident log is located, and do we know how to fill it out properly?
  • What alternate transportation options are available in our neighbourhood?