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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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What is Serving It Right?


The overall goal of alcohol policy in BC is to use regulation and other strategies to maximize social and economic benefits while minimizing alcohol related harms and costs. A fundamental component of reducing alcohol related problems are training programs like BC's Serving It Right (SIR). SIR is designed for:

  1. people working in tourism and hospitality,
  2. individuals whose Special Event Permit requires them to have Serving It Right,
  3. keeping customers and the public safe while allowing them to enjoy the benefits and pleasures that good food and drink can bring,
  4. encouraging a responsible, caring and professional approach to the serving of alcohol.

Developed by representatives of the hospitality industry in partnership with the provincial government, SIR provides critical information on the effects of alcohol on people by itself and when used with other intoxicants like cannabis, and techniques for preventing over-service. This information will help you develop a more positive environment for your patrons, a professional image for your establishment, and increased awareness of your legal responsibilities around alcohol service.

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SIR educates licensees, servers and retailers to: