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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Print Version

You may complete the Serving It Right program by obtaining the print version of the Serving It Right course manual. The manuals are available at government liquor stores, government agents' offices or by ordering them directly from go2HR at:

go2HR - The resource for people in Tourism
Suite 450, One Bentall Centre
505 Burrard Street, P.O. Box 59
Vancouver, BC V7X 1M3

Over time, the number of people taking the print version of the exam has decreased significantly. Because of this, effective April 22, 2014, print exams will no longer be published in the Serving It Right manuals. Individual users are encouraged to take their exams online; however, if necessary, print exams will still be available upon request from Serving It Right by emailing or calling 604-633-9798. If you have any questions about this change, please contact

The exam, along with payment of $40.00, must be submitted to go2HR. You should receive your SIR certificate in the mail within 2 weeks of successfully completing the exam.