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BC’s Responsible Beverage Service Program

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Changes to Serving it Right

Changes to Serving It Right Requirements

Of the 73 changes announced in the Liquor Policy Review in January 2014, a number impact Serving It Right (SIR) requirements for licensees, managers, sales and service staff. The SIR program is key part of the hospitality industry's and provincial government's commitments to raising awareness and developing strategies to reduce the potential harms associated with drinking alcohol.

Removal of Exemptions:

By September 15, 2015, exemptions will be removed and a number of new licensees, managers, sales and service staff will have to have SIR certification, including those in:

  • Food primary establishments (all servers);
  • BC Government Liquor stores (all managers and store staff);
  • Duty Free stores (managers and staff - except ship chandlers);
  • Wine stores (licensees, managers and staff - except at sacramental wine stores);
  • Rural agency stores (all agents and staff);
  • Liquor Primary Clubs (unpaid servers);
  • Aircraft (flight attendants serving alcohol on the ground).


  • As of September 15, 2015, all SIR certificates will have a 5 year validity period, after which they will expire and need to be renewed.
  • Any current SIR certificates without an expiry date will be deemed to have expired on September 15, 2020.

Other Program Changes:

New content has been added to the SIR course as outlined in the Liquor Policy Review including: Canada's low risk drinking guidelines, the social and health costs of alcohol and why alcohol is regulated.

New Special Event Server Program:

As of September 15, 2015, a new Special Event Server program will need to be completed by:

  • All SOL licensees, managers and servers of events smaller than 500 people;
  • All SOL servers (paid or volunteer) at events with liquor licenses, regardless of number of attendees.
  • Anyone that holds a valid SIR certification does not need to take the SES program.

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